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'Crash the Party' with Missguided

The Standard Bowl (Sydney)
Photo by: William Hason
Instagram: @williamhason
For those who don't know me personally - I'm a total freak. No, not in that kind of way but I'm the type to always get lost in my own little world. 

When we were all little, we always had that one bop-up-and-down dance move that family would crowd around and laugh at how wrongly timed it was. I guess, that gave my parents the sign to send me to dance lessons. I did the whole lot - ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop. I was definitely the black sheep in the bunch of girls that I immediately envied. I remember quite vividly the first day, I wore black leggings with teal stripes, a black tank and white reebok trainers (thinking I dressed the part - I hadn't). The girls who had been there for years, had their hair in buns, cute black leotards and the proper footwear.. Eventually I began to fit in, went to lessons twice a week and had memorised an entire routine by the 4th week!

Looking back then, being the black sheep wasn't too bad. Growing up and maturing, I'm constantly trying to find myself. What I've learnt is; we have to start off as the black sheep and from then it's ourselves, who determine whether to stay the black sheep or become like the rest of the herd. 
That's how we came up with the theme 'Crash the Party' - I really wanted to make a statement. With the help from Missguided. It was the perfect idea for the first proper comeback. It was a chance to show what I've being working so hard for, as well as, the new person I've developed into while I was away - Fierce, Slick and Confident Michelle. 
Now, Let's all just close our eyes for a moment. Imagine your favourite song faintly playing in the background. Imagine all the people who have ever despised you, people who've tried to stop you from being yourself or being any different - whether that be at school, college or friends who you thought were friends, your parents.. anyone. Now, imagine them all in the same place - your favourite place in the world. You're wearing a new outfit, you've picked this one out yourself, you smile and finally make an entrance. Embrace that moment. A new moment you've never felt before - confidence.   

While planning for this shoot, I wanted to portray that being a black sheep isn't about being strange (but hey I'm all for being weird). Especially when we really got into the mood of the theme, it perfectly reflected that it's about being different.. if that means being yourself, embrace it and that's what will make you noticed. Stand out and crash the party. (not literally, you might get in trouble.)


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  1. Love the all white!


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