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AMERICAN TOURISTER: Baby on Board, Enroute to Melbourne

Michelle and Zev for American Tourister
Styling and Creative Direction: Michelle B 
Photography: Brandon D

Late last year we travelled for the first time, as a family of three. We had prepared months beforehand as we knew travelling with is baby a whole different ball game so I made sure we were well prepared for uncharted territory. 

 The part of travelling I enjoy the most (surprisingly) is packing, especially when you've got cute coloured and co-ordinated luggage. Packing, in general can be quite daunting --  not know where to start and what to pack. So when starting, I found creating a check list of everything important from baby nappies, baby clothes, my underwear, skincare etc. incredibly helpful (personally!). 
I've always been a visual learner, so writing it down really helps me get things done efficiently and effectively. 

 Both my Partner and I agreed on bringing one large suitcase shared between the both of us and a small luggage for hand carry, which would be Zev's. I wanted to next pack Zev's things. There's nothing more relieving than having your bubs' belongings packed and out of the way, your own stuff on the otherhand?.. can follow, much later.

One thing I have learnt from an early age from my own Mother (who is a clean and organised freak!), is to make sure everything is categorised and kept together. So I was on a mission to find affordable but quality zip organisers for travelling and before you could even say where.. KMART. Did me good. 

I found clear organisers that I could use for Zev's bath/skin products as well as Brandon's Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash etc. I had my trusty travel cosmetic bags from The Daily Edited, for all my beauty and skincare products (a much much larger collection than both the boys combined).

Then, I proceeded to pack Bubs' clothes and the trick that made it easier for me, was pre planning his outfits for the 5 days that we were away (I change him roughly twice a day, shocker! I've heard stories of parents changing their children 3-4 times a day.. so I count myself lucky). I had these folded the 'Marie Kondo' way and grouped per outfit so that when it came to unpacking our luggage in our Airbnb wardrobe, this would make it super easy! 

Michelle is wearing ASOS 
Sweater and Jeans.

We proceeded to do the same for our stuff. We had both Brandon and I's shoes in the AT Litevlo 55CM Spinner (Standing up) along with Zev's baby carrier and essential blankets needed for typical Melbourne weather. Other than the 3 cases of luggage, we thought to also bring Zev's usual baby bag.. filled with his formula, thermos with hot boiled water, normal boiled drinking water, nappies needed for the day, change mat, wipes etc. just so this didn't throw us off our routine back at home, to ensure that everything ran smoothly and as normal as possible.

Then we were complete.

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